Green Fast Keto Reviews: Real Complaints and Side Effects

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Keto from Green Fast Diet is a natural product that uses BHB ketones. It claims to help energy, weight loss and fat burning.

Is Green Fast Diet Keto worth the hype? What is the working principle of this diet pill? Continue reading to learn everything you need about the diet pill and its effects.

About Green Fast Diet Keto

Green Fast Diet, a supplement company, has introduced a keto diet pill called Keto. It is a support for ketogenic weight loss.

You can help your body burn fat by taking two Green Fast Diet’s Keto capsules daily.

The keto diet makes it possible for your body to burn more fat than carbs in order to produce energy. This will help you lose weight and increase your energy. These benefits can be enjoyed without having to adhere to the keto diet by taking Green Fast Diet’s Keto.

Green Fast Diet claims that their method will quickly help you lose weight without any diet or exercise.

What is Green Fast Diet Keto?

Supplements also contain complementary ingredients such as caffeine, fish oil powder and vitamin D.

Research shows that BHB ketone salts can increase blood ketone levels. To raise your ketone levels you will need to fast or adhere to a keto diet. Green Fast Diet Keto and other diet pills promise a quick way to get your body into ketosis, a state where fat is burned.

Green Fast Diet Keto contains unique ingredients that you won’t find in other weight loss products. For example, there’s fish oil powder and collagen. These ingredients may not be found in keto diet pills, but they can help with weight loss and boost energy.

Green Fast Diet Keto, like other keto diet pills uses many types of ketones. These include calcium citrate and magnesium citrate as well as potassium gluconate. These are the salt forms of each mineral. The salted form can increase ketone levels, causing your body to burn more fat for energy than food.

Green Fast Diet Keto Ingredients

Green Fast Diet Keto is made up of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, collagen, and even caffeine. Here is a quick overview of Green Fast Diet Keto’s ingredients and how they work.

BHB Ketones 130mg: Green Fast Diet Keto includes three types of beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones, which include calcium citrate and magnesium citrate. These ingredients, also known as BHB ketones or BHB ketones are used to raise your blood ketone level. This is similar to fasting and the keto diet raising ketone levels. It’s almost like a keto or weight loss supplement. Your body will burn fat for energy, even if your aren’t fasting or exercising. Each Green Fast Diet Keto serving contains 75mg calcium, 50mg magnesium, and 4.5mg potassium. This gives you approximately 130mg BHB ketones, which will help you reach your weight loss goals.

VitaminD (5mcg).Green Fast Diet Keto has a small amount (5mcg), of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for hormone production, including those involved in weight loss and hunger. Vitamin D is also important for immune function.

Zinc Oxide 50mg:Green Fast Diet Keto has a surprising amount of zinc. Experts recommend that you consume 9mg to 11mg per day depending on your gender and age. Green Fast Diet Keto, however, contains 50mg of zinc oxide. Zinc is essential for your overall health and well-being. Zinc is essential for overall health and wellness. However, most people don’t have a zinc deficiency. People who do have zinc deficiencies may experience lower hunger pangs and higher levels of weight loss hormones. Green Fast Diet Keto can help support many aspects of health, including your overall wellness. It provides 5x the daily recommended amount of zinc.

Fish oil powder (50mg).Fish oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are vital for heart health. To support their heart health, many people use fish oil supplements every day. Each Green Fast Diet Keto serving contains 50mg fish oil powder. The makers of Green Fast Diet Keto made it simple to obtain omega-3 fatty acid and other beneficial compounds from fish oil by condensing and concentrated this fish oil powder.

Hydrolyzed Collagen 50mg: Collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies, is 50mg. Collagen is essential for nail, hair and skin health. For anti-aging benefits, many people take collagen supplements every day. For example, collagen supplements can improve the appearance of your skin by making it smoother, more elastic, and younger. After age 25, your skin’s natural collagen production drops, which can lead to visible signs of aging. Green Fast Diet Keto has a small amount of collagen (50mg), to help with energy and anti-aging. But collagen does not directly affect weight loss.

Caffeine (50mg). Green Fast Diet Keto is a popular weight loss ingredient: caffeine. Two capsules contain approximately the same amount as half a cup of coffee. Caffeine, a stimulant, induces thermogenesis (fat loss) in your body. Caffeine boosts energy levels and makes you burn more fat. Caffeine is supported by more science than BHB ketones. Many people use caffeine daily to lose weight.

Green Fast Diet Keto Features & Benefits

Green Fast Diet claims that their Keto diet will provide all the following benefits:

    • Instead of consuming carbs, burn fat to get energy
    • To increase your energy naturally, you can release fat stored
    • Feel more confident and in love.
    • Trigger fat-burning ketosis
    • Lose weight without having to exercise or die.
    • Made in America with 100% natural ingredients

How to Use Green Fast Diet Keto

Green Fast Diet Keto claims that their diet pills work in three steps to help you lose significant weight quickly.

After taking Green Fast Diet Keto , here’s what can expect to see:

Step 1: Rapid Fat Burn: Fast Diet Keto instantly burns fat. Once the ingredients have entered your bloodstream they will start working to increase ketone levels in your body and kickstart your fat-burning processes. Your body will start using fat as energy, instead of carbs. The Green Fast Diet Keto claims that you can lose 5 pounds in your first week.

Step 2: Increased Fat Burning. The next step is Green Fast Diet Keto, which offers an accelerated way to burn fat. To help you continue losing weight, the supplement uses BHB. You can expect to lose as much as 20 pounds in this phase over the course of a month. Green Fast Diet Keto claims that you will see a dramatic change in your body within a short time. This is without any diet, exercise or effort on your part.

Final Transformation: This is the third and final phase in Green Fast Diet Keto. It aims to transform your body for 3 to 5 more months. Although they don’t make any weight loss claims during this period, the manufacturer says it will take you 3 to 5 months for your appetite to stabilise and your body to adjust to your new slimmer body.

How Ketosis works

Ketosis is one of the most popular weight loss terms of the past decade. Ketosis, a weight loss process that your body enters while fasting or following the keto diet, is a well-proven process. When your body needs to burn fat for energy, ketosis is what you see.

The makers of Green Fast Diet Keto claim that you don’t have to eat, exercise or follow a keto diet in order to reach ketosis. Fasting is not necessary. You can instead enjoy rapid weight loss with the help of Green Fast Diet Keto’s calcium, potassium and other ingredients.

No more stored fat

Green Fast Diet Keto claims it can eliminate stored fat. You tell your body that keto diet pills will help you burn fat instead of carbs. This energy is obtained from fat, which is simply stored energy. You will feel more energetic , and you’ll be able to avoid stored fat.

Better Energy

People often notice a change in their energy levels when they begin the keto diet. The keto diet gives your body more energy from fat than carbs. This can result in fewer energy fluctuations throughout a day. Instead of using dietary carbs, your body will rely on its natural energy source, fat. The makers of Green Fast Diet Keto claim that the supplement will enable your body to reach ketosis quickly and to burn fat for energy rather than carbs. This will allow you to access a better source.

More Health Benefits

The makers of Green Fast Diet Keto claim that the diet pill will provide “more health benefits” as it helps you to embrace ketosis. The diet pill can be used to induce ketosis in your body “almost immediately” and allow you to burn fat instead of carbs. According to the official website, ketosis results in higher levels of physical energy, mental clarity, and “very rapid weight loss.”

Green Fast Diet Keto Ingredients Label

Green Fast Diet Keto’s makers disclose all ingredients and dosages in full upfront. Some dosages are unusual, such as 50 mg of zinc, which is more than 5x the daily recommended intake for most people. However, other dosages appear to be average when compared with other keto diet pills.

Here’s a complete list of all ingredients found in each capsule of Green Fast Diet Keto:

  • Vitamin D 5mcg
  • 75mg calcium citrate
  • 50mg magnesium cite
  • 50mg zinc oxide
  • 4.5mg potassium gluconate
  • 50mg hydrolyzed Collagen
  • 50mg caffeine

Other ingredients include brown rice flour (as filler/biner), gelatin (to make the capsule), microcrystallinecellulose (as filler/bender) and silicon dioxide (as preservative).

What Weight Loss Can You Expect with Green Fast Diet Keto

Green Fast Diet Keto claims that anyone can lose significant weight quickly by taking the supplement. advertises the following weight loss claims:

In your first week with Green Fast Diet Keto you can lose up 5lbs. Then, in your second month , you will lose an additional 20lbs.

One woman claimed she “cried” after losing 10lbs during Green Fast Diet Keto.

Another woman claimed to have lost 20lbs in just 30 days after taking Green Fast Diet Keto.

One reviewer claimed that he lost 26% to 16% bodyfat while following Green Fast Diet Keto.

The manufacturer of Green Fast Diet Keto claims that you can easily lose weight by using the diet pill.

Green Fast Diet Keto is a manufacturer of different supplements. These packages are based on your weight loss results. The 2 bottle package is for those who need to lose 7+ lbs, the 3 bottle package for those who need to lose 15+lbs and the 5 Bottle package (for people who need to lose 25+lbs).

Green Fast Diet Keto is a “most powerful” keto diet. Green Fast Diet Keto is a ketogenic diet that forces your body into ketosis. This will allow you to burn fat instead of carbs. It can also help you lose weight quickly and sustainably.

Scientific Evidence for Green Fast Diet Keto

Green Fast Diet does not claim to have published any Keto clinical trials. They also do not claim to have any nutritionists certified by the PhD. The company claims that you can lose as much as 20 pounds in the first 30 days after taking the supplement. This is all without any effort.

What does science tell us? Is it possible to use Green Fast Diet Keto without having to exercise or diet?

BHB Ketone Supplements are becoming more popular than ever. Many people use BHB ketones every day to keep their body in ketosis. Researchers found that exogenous ketones raised blood ketone levels. It was not clear if higher levels of ketone could lead to weight loss.

Significant weight loss has been reported in multiple settings using the keto diet. However, in this 2021 research, researchers examined the effectiveness of the keto diet, with or without exogenous Ketone salts (such as the ingredients in Green Fast Diet Keto). Participants were required to follow a low-calorie keto diet for 6 weeks. They could choose between exogenous or inorganic ketone salts. Researchers found no differences in the groups that followed the keto diet for 6 weeks. However, both groups experienced significant weight loss.

While the jury is still out on ketone sodium, researchers link caffeine with weight loss benefits. Green Fast Diet Keto has 50mg caffeine per serving, which is roughly the same amount as half a cup coffee. We won’t link each of the hundreds upon hundreds of studies on caffeine. Instead, we will link to this 2019 review which analyzed numerous randomized controlled trials about the weight loss effects caffeine. Researchers discovered that caffeine was associated to significant weight, BMI and fat mass reductions. Researchers found that the rate of weight loss almost doubled with every two-time increase of caffeine intake.

Other ingredients in Green Fast Keto Diet include zinc and fish oils. These have been shown to be beneficial for health and well-being. They have not been associated with significant weight loss.

Green Fast Diet Keto Pricing

Green Fast Diet Keto can only be ordered through here. It costs around $60 per bottle.

Minimum 2 bottles are required per order. You get a bigger discount if you purchase 3 or 5 bottles.

Here are the pricing details:

  • 2 Bottles: $119.50
  • 3 Bottles: $159.84
  • 5 Bottles: $198.80

Each container contains 60 capsules of Green Fast Diet Keto (30-day supply). To quickly lose weight, the manufacturer suggests that you take two capsules of Green Fast Diet Keto each day.

Online purchase of Green Fast Diet Keto can be made using Visa, MasterCard Discover, American Express, or Discover.

Green Fast Diet Keto Refund Policy

Green Fast Diet Keto comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Within 90 days of receiving your order, you can ask for a full refund.

You are eligible to receive a full refund if you do not lose significant weight on Green Fast Diet Keto or are unhappy with the results for any reason.

Green Fast Diet

Green Fast Diet Keto supplements are made by Green Fast Diet. The company does not provide any information about its manufacturing location or ingredient sources.

However, doesn’t claim to be managed by nutrition consultants. Green Fast Diet is described as “a group consisting of nutrition consultants who are committed to living a healthier, more active lifestyle.”

Green Fast Diet launched two keto-friendly supplements, Keto (for forcing your body into ketosis and maintaining ketosis), and Cleanse (for weight loss and digestive support).

Green Fast Diet can be reached via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (844) 426-0504
  • Mailing Address: 3705 Ellison Dr. NW, Suite B-1, #231, Albuquerque NM 87114, SUSA provides more information about the company. The supplements are manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility in the United States.

The Final Word

Green Fast Diet Keto, a brand new keto diet pill, uses BHB ketones in order to put your body into a ketosis state.

You can lose significant weight by taking Green Fast Diet Keto every day. without having to exercise or diet. Green Fast Diet claims that you can lose as much as 20lbs within the first month of starting Keto.

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